Buckle Up! It’s Jennifer McAuliffe!

Jennifer McAuliffe’s Border Crossing is available on digital platforms.

Released last year, Border Crossing is Jennifer McAuliffe’s debut comedy album. The Toronto native recorded the album in 2018 at Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville, Tennessee. McAuliffe is a surprise, for sure. She may seem chill and “adorable,” but when McAuliffe hits the gas, she turns into the Honeycomb Monster—“I want a baby so bad!” 

Like the Honeycomb Monster, McAuliffe is cartoonishly bananas. It must be the stress or the rage. Both? Whatever it is, you can see it in her eyes from a mile away. “Eyes are the windows to the soul, and I need Venetian blinds.” The upside is that she doesn’t need a dentist to remove her wisdom teeth. “I can grind them down!”

Dating is hard for McAuliffe, who describes herself as the stairs in a horror movie. “Don’t go down there! You’re going to get so hurt!” She might be a lot of work, but she’s a good girlfriend! She’s a good ex-girlfriend? “Can you call me an Uber? I’ve been drinking.” 

The best line from the album is “my personality swims with a t-shirt.” Print that on a t-shirt! Or a tote bag! There are a few other lines I could see doing well on merchandise.

While listening to Border Crossing, I couldn’t help but think about Laurie Elliott’s set on Comedy Now! If you watched it, you remember Elliott’s goofy physicality and wild laugh that punctuates her televised appearance. McAuliffe brought me right back there. She’s a weirdo, and she’s not afraid to show it! Her feral energy is hilarious. You get the feeling that if she ever wrote a self-help book, every page would be whatever internal screaming looks like in print.

Buckle up! Jennifer McAuliffe’s Border Crossing is a wild ride.

Jennifer McAuliffe’s Border Crossing is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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