Laughter is The Best Medicine in Ivanka Chews The Fat

Lunchbox Theatre welcomes back Slobjev’s funniest export, Ivanka, for her one-woman show Ivanka Chews The Fat.

Written and performed by Jo-Ann Waytowich, Ivanka Chews The Fat is a fun, light-hearted approach to better living.

And what is life without a good sense of humour? For Ivanka, humour is everything. We worry about too much in our lives, like growing old and staying in shape. Instead, Ivanka says, we ought to embrace who we are and learn to love ourselves. Turn the negatives into positives. And where we can start is in taking life a little less seriously.

Perhaps Ivana’s message of positive change is best pronounced when the actor opens up about her recovery from Bell’s Palsy. In this moment, Waytowich puts life in perspective and reminds us just how important laughter is as not only something we do, but something we give.

While the show’s humour is best suited for an older audience, Ivanka still delivers plenty of laughs for all with her hilarious antics. Ivanka has no filter and does as she pleases, much to the embarrassment of her silent accompanist Marucia (Marcella Smithers). But in the things that she says, no matter how inappropriate they might be, there lie gems of truth. That is what makes Ivanka such an endearing character.

After the show, an audience member enthusiastically thanked Waytowich for bringing him back to his childhood, to memories of his grandmother. And maybe we know an Ivanka in our own lives. We would be lucky to.

Led by the delightful Waytowich, Ivana Chews The Fat is a show full of heart. A crowdpleaser for sure.

Lunchbox Theatre’s Ivanka Chews The Fat runs Mar 9 – 28th, 2015.

For information on the show and how to buy tickets, visit:


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