Scared Stiff: Bare Bones Production’s Wilma-May and Her Tight White Socks Fails to Impress

Presented at the Alexandra Centre Society as part of Calgary’s Fringe Festival, Bare Bones Production’s Wilma-May and Her Tight White Socks suffers from an uninspired script that lacks direction, resulting in an exhausting, disjointed performance.

Written and performed by Jennifer Roberts, Wilma-May and Her Tight White Socks is a one-woman show that tells the story of Wilma-May, a woman who is afraid of everything. At the request of her therapist, Wilma-May joins an online support group to help overcome her recent emotional trauma which has made her a shut-in. The situation is dire, however, for Wilma-May as her supply of light bulbs has run out (and as you guessed it, she is terrified of the dark). In the next 12 weeks, Wilma-May must either overcome her fears or live the rest of her life in total darkness. Continue reading

Moon Dinosaur Theatre’s Paleoncology Delivers At Calgary Fringe Festival

How do you cope losing what was never really there to begin with? This is one of the questions Kira Hall explores in her poignant one-woman show, Paleoncology. Presented by Moon Dinosaur Theatre at Artpoint Gallery, Paleoncology, directed by Andrew Young, is a play that, at first, draws audiences in with its humour and charismatic lead, but then proves to be something more earnest under the surface.
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The Calgary Fringe Festival!

Today is the first day of the Calgary Fringe Festival (Aug 1-9)! Artists and crews from across Canada are in Calgary to deliver phenomenal theatre, the likes of which the public has never seen before. With over 25+ festival entries that range from musicals to solo acts, there is sure to be something for everyone! Be sure to watch here for my reviews and commentary on what the Calgary Fringe Festival has to offer this year.

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